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Between 1880 and 1930, a series of schemes brought thousands of settlers to Victoria’s Mallee region. At the same time, a number of railway lines were constructed through the area, with towns established approximately every 10 miles.

Now, almost a century after the settlement schemes ended and the depopulation of the Mallee began, writer Adam McNicol and five of Australia’s best rural documentary photographers – Andrew Chapman, Jaime Murcia, Noel Butcher, Melanie Faith Dove and Erin Jonasson – retrace the railway lines to see what remains.

The Mallee: A journey through north-west Victoria is a portrait of the small communities that dot the region and the people who call them home. The book, beautifully designed by Phil Campbell, captures life in the small towns of the Mallee and on the farms that surround them. One particular focus is the growing interest of tourists in the area, focusing on the silo trail and the growing popularity of Lake Tyrrell near Sea Lake.

This book is a 100% Australian production. We are proud that the book is being printed in Victoria by Adams Print.